Tech Hospitality Services

Unlike others we provide the best updated technological support to get new guests , we focus on technology to generate direct revenue ofcourse we aid you in th e process of operation too but our primary objective is to bring business .

At CleverSo , we always aim to drive greater profitability by focusing on direct bookings. As a Hoteliers we will be spending more time and effort in building brand recall and loyalty to this effect by using our websites and other platforms such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Zomato and similar business pages.

What drives us

We’re duly motivated to behave in a way that satisfies the associated needs , our prologned survival will drive us hunger for creative technological update and knowing our behavior pattern we predict a better output always .


Innovation of Brilliant minds is what grants humanity some of the greatest technologies . At CleverSo we would love to explore the every possibility of coming with the new Innovations .


Science has proved that some people have higher aptitudes of Kinesthetic Intelligence , At CleverSo we bring those skills collective from them to produce a highly Intelligent products or Service .

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